Mission, Vision and Values

DEG Signal is an independently owned and managed signalling design and consultancy company that consists of a team of engineers bringing together considerable expertise gained at all levels of the Rail Industry. The team is driven by professionalism and a genuine enthusiasm for railways, where safety is paramount and efficient delivery is crucial. Our culture remains true to proven signal engineering principles where safety regulation and the IRSE licensing scheme ensures a quality output every time.

To become the leading independent signalling design/consultancy company in the UK, both in terms of size, value and most importantly reputation.

Core Values:
In order to preserve our high levels of quality and safety, we will maintain our independence guided by firmly held values.

It is our number one priority.

Absolute integrity, honesty and fair play are at the heart of our company.

We follow high standards and we continually improve, thriving for challenge and delivery.

Fair Return
We believe in fair return for the value we deliver.

We care about our people, developing them through mentoring, knowledge sharing and equal opportunities.

For the industry and the role in which we play.