Uckfield line train lengthening project (Grip 4 to 5)

// Providing additional passenger capacity between East Croydon and London Bridge

Completion of this project allowed for the running of 10-car, class 171 DMU trains with a future provision of 12-car operation between Uckfield and London Bridge also providing much needed additional capacity between East Croydon and London Bridge.

// Project Background & Objective

The aim of the project was to provide additional capacity between East Croydon and London Bridge with the provision of 10 car class 171 DMU’s. The current platform lengths at all stations on the Uckfield Line were insufficient to accommodate the running of 10 car trains requiring the lengthening of existing station platforms at Edenbridge Town, Hever, Cowden, Ashurst, Crow-borough, Buxted and Uckfield.

// Technical Details

To facilitate the platform extensions the existing signalling arrangements required alterations, this included the relocation/renewal of existing filament type signals with LED style signals and changes to AWS, TPWS, level crossing strike-on arrangements and track circuit alterations. Signal sighting was carried out by DEG utilising onsite signal sighting committees and office-based video modelling. Subsequent to achieving GRIP4 approval DEG produced all GRIP5 design details for the scheme supporting signalling construction and testing through to the final commissioning’s.

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