Tranche 10 and 11 Level Crossing MCB-0D

DEG Signal Ltd was appointed by Babcock to develop detailed design for 5 Manually Controlled Barrier – Obstacle Detector (MCB-OD) level crossings. This is the latest technology being used by Network Rail where crossing clear is provided by an Obstacle Detector rather than a signaller. Alterations were also made to Selby panel for transfer of supervision from York.

Project outline and objective
An MCB-OD is a signal protected crossing with the crossing clear function being automated by the use of a high integrity Obstacle Detector to mitigate against trapped obstacles and train collision/derailment risk and a lower integrity Obstacle Detector to mitigate against the residual individual user risk. Network Rail are replacing Automatic Half Barrier crossings with full barrier MCB-OD crossings to reduce safety risk.
DEG Signal produced the GRIP 5 design for 5 level crossings at Sandhill Lane, Thorpe Hall, Thorpe Gates, Henwick Hall and Burn Lane.

Technical details
Each level crossing was provided with a Relocatable Equipment Building (REB) for the level crossing controls, signal interlocking and remote control systems to Selby panel. The control panel was also renewed to allow for the extended area of supervision. Several locations were also modified and Hambleton Relay Room for the York SSI interface.

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