DEG Signal Wins Thameslink Resilience Project

// Performance improvement

Due to the success of the Brighton Main Line Reed track circuit conversion Phases 1 and 2, DEG Signal and partners, S&T Cover, have been awarded part of the Thameslink Resilience Project (TRP).

Our project is Work Package 4 of the TRP and focuses on renewing the signal heads from incandescent lamp type to LED type. This change will provide a considerable improvement in performance and whole life cost-benefit, through improved reliability and asset life.

Image shows the Dorman CLS Lite, the new LED signal heads used

// Increasing reliability

The work also includes converting the 50Hz AC double rail track circuits to EBI Track 200 (TI21 style). Reliability of the overall system is increased as the new equipment not only suffers from a lower failure rate but also requires less maintenance compared to its predecessor.

A further advantage of this work is the removal of the insulated block joints, which required maintenance and could be a failure point on their own.

In total, DEG SIgnal is converting 26 track circuits, six banner repeaters and 42 LED signal heads.

The origins of the TRP came about when the Department for Transport (DfT) consulted with Network Rail and identified that £900m of additional renewals would be required to meet the aspirations of the Thameslink project.

The DfT then provided £300m to Network Rail to start the enhancement project of which £50m is to be spent on signalling.