DEG Signal completes interoperable scheme design for 4LM Project

Ian Winfield working on the scheme design at Aspect House, Warminster

// Metropolitan Line

Over the past 18 months, as a sub-contractor to Thales, DEG Signal has developed scheme design for the interoperable area of the Metropolitan Line between Harrow on the Hill and Amersham.

The interoperable area, which also interfaces with Network Rail infrastructure at the fringes, will enable the inter-running of the Chiltern Railway trains with London Underground Metropolitan Line trains.

Chiltern trains will continue to operate using fixed block principles, utilising colour light signals to national rail standards with full speed overlaps enforced by trainstops, whilst the London Underground trains will be operated under Thales’ SelTrac TM CBTC system.


// GRIP3 signalling scheme plans

Careful consideration was given to optimisation of the fixed block signalling for both services in order that all performance requirements were achieved. Using ATC and with an additional blue signal aspect, the London Underground trains will be permitted to operate using CBTC principles.

The DEG Signal team, led by Russell Gell, our Engineering Director, delivered seven GRIP3 signalling scheme plans, aspect sequence charts and associated design logs. Working with our partners, Gioconda, video technology was used for the generation of asset lists and desk based signal sighting, with RSK, undertaking signal overrun assessment services.


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