DEG Signal Apprentice, Tom Denning, Graduates from Bath College

Tom Denning flanked by his mum and dad on graduation day

// HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

Tom Denning, 23, has recently celebrated his graduation from Bath College. As an apprentice, he has been working with us four days a week, whilst studying for his HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, one day a week for the last two years.

Tom comments: “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with DEG through the years whilst learning the engineering principles behind general electronics. I look forward to applying this in the years to come.”

“The best part of the college education was meeting so many like-minded people. Unlike school, where you’re forced to be there, at College everyone wanted to be there and shared a common goal.

“For me, there are many advantages of an apprenticeship over full time studying. Firstly, I come out of education already qualified to do a specialist job, I have that job and of course, unlike University graduates, I have no student loan to pay off.”


// Lymington level crossing barrier renewals

During Tom’s two years with DEG Signal, his largest project to date was being a designer on Lymington level crossing barrier renewals. This was a big step up from what he had been doing previously and shows everyone the potential of apprenticeships.

Moving forward, Tom aims to gain his IRSE Assistant Designer licence within the next few months. Then he’ll be looking at further IRSE signalling licences.

Tom follows in the footsteps of numerous other DEG Signal apprenticeships, including two others currently studying one-day-a-week at Bath College.


// Praise for Tom

DEG Signal’s CEO, Doug Green, adds: “Tom has done amazingly well since joining our Apprenticeship Programme. We continue to invest in young people and promote the Apprenticeship to Fellowship route which is crucial for the skills we need.”

Under Trailblazers, DEG Signal has been a key employer in creation of rail engineering standards. Those that have been published can be found here


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