CTRL Section 2

Independent review of the CTRL Section 2 Interface Design Requirements

DEG Signal Ltd was commissioned to review the interface between cab signalling and conventional lineside signalling by Rail Link Engineering review panel.

CTRL Section 2 overview
Section 2 of the CTRL is a new section of line, 39.4 km in length. The extension is from the existing CTRL section 1 at Singlewell to London St Pancras. The route includes a 2.5 km tunnel diving under the Thames near Dartford, and a 19 km tunnel, emerging over the East Coast Main Line near St Pancras.

The interface areas reviewed included:

Ebbsfleet Junction
Ripple Lane, Dagenham
Temple Mills Depot, Stratford
Silo Curve, St Pancras
North London Line, St Pancras
East Coast Main Line, St Pancras
Midland Main Line, St Pancras

The CTRL uses TVM430 Cab Signalling, the Network Rail lines are signalled with Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) and Solid State Interlocking (SSI).

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