Billingshurst Station Platform Extensions

Extension of Billingshurst station platforms to accommodate 8-Car 377 EMU’s

DEG Signal Limited were appointed by Tony Gee & Partners to provide GRIP 5 detailed signalling design services in conjunction with the extension of Billingshurst station platforms to facilitate 8-Car 377 Class EMU’s.

Project outline and objective
The objective of the project was to extend platforms 1 & 2 at Billingshurst to allow 8-car services to stop without the requirement for Selective Door Opening. DEG Signal were appointed by Tony Gee & Partners on behalf of the Principal Contractor Barhale to undertake the GRIP 5 signalling design works for the project.

Mechanical locking alterations
The up semaphore starter signal on platform 1 was removed to allow the extension of the platform. This necessitated alterations to the mechanical locking frame. DEG Signal has the capability and experience to design mechanical locking alterations in-house. The signal box is thought to date from about 1876 and is probably the last Saxby & Farmer Type 1b box in use on the network. DEG additionally produced wiring design details to facilitate the renewal of the existing fibre optic banner on platform 2 with a new LED type signal.

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