Bedford to Bletchley Resignalling

Replacement of life expired and outdated signalling infrastructure.

DEG produced both the signalling scheme plans and the deatiled wiring design for the resignalling of the line between Bedford and Bletchley. The line is approximately 16 miles long and is predominately double track. The signalling on the branch was Absolute Block with mechanical signal boxes situated at some stations along the route.

Project Outline
In addition to being block posts, a number of the signal boxes on the Bedford to Bletchley route operated level crossings. There were also several non-block post gate boxes at stations and other locations. Several automatic crossings were also present on the route. Control at either end of the line was done by power signal boxes at Bletchley and West Hampstead. The existing signalling consisted mostly of semaphore and was life expired & the line was not fitted with AWS or TPWS.

Principal Objectives
The principal objectives of this project were to replace life expired and outdated equipment & provision of TPWS within the required time-scale and centralise operation within a single control centre. DEG Signal Ltd was commissioned to deliver both the high level design works, such as Scheme Plans and Control Tables and additionally the detailed wiring design documentation.

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